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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

Thank you for repairing my two molars with the CEREC restorations. I was pleasantly surprised that the procedure was virtually pain free. I am so happy to be rid of the unsightly silver fillings as well. Thanks to you and your staff for your kind care.
Brenda Maynard

This is a note of appreciation for your fine dental care. You always make me feel special and comfortable during my visits. Thank you all for the great quality of dentistry you provide. I always mention your office when the subject of dentistry arises because I know my referrals will be in capable hands.
Thank you again,

Dear Dr. Musser and Staff,
I wanted to express my appreciation for your work in replacing two of my older crowns. The new crowns look, and feel terrific. I really appreciate being able to complete the procedure in one day-no more temporary caps and return visits.

But the most important thing to me is how friendly, efficient and supportive Dr. Musser and his staff are. They are very generous with their time and are very dedicated to your well-being and satisfaction.
Thanks again!
Jim Weidaw
Granville, OH

Dear Dr. Musser,
Thank you for the high level of professionalism you exhibit while caring for me as a patient. Every comfort and concern is provided by the staff as well. I'm please with the appearance and comfort of my new crowns. Thank you for your continued standard of excellence.
Carol A-Westerdale

The flowers were so unexpected, yet such a touching and beautiful surprise. I can't think that another dentist and his staff that would be so caring and thoughtful. Thank you so much for brightening my day!
Cindy Y.

Dr. Musser & Staff,
I thank you for being a very kind, intelligent, dedicated dentist with a wonderful staff that is very pleasant and efficient. You always make everyone feel comfortable about their appointments. My family hopes you continue your practice a number of years.
Mary Grady & family

Dear Doc Jon & Staff,
Once again, visiting your office & staff was a very pleasent experience. You have replaced several "old fillings" with ceramic and the result was fantastic! You are exceedingly professional, and the staff is wonderful. Everyone should have a dentist who is so thorough, professional and painless! Go Buckeyes!
Jill L.

Dr. Musser,
Thanks for the outstanding service in dental care. Your staff is always friendly and helpful. I recently had a crown and onlay done using the CEREC restoration process. I couldn't believe how fast and easy the process was. You were able to make the crown and onlay at your office and then restore my teeth to pristine condition in less than two hours. I had no pain afterwards like I have had in the past from other dentists. I highly recommend you to fellow workers and friends who are looking for a new dentist. Again thanks to you and your staff for the best dental care in Ohio.
Matthew Knight

Dr. Musser has been our family dentist for 5 years. In our previous situation, I would send our children in for their dental appointments, and I would rarely ever get a private personal update from the dentist. With Dr. Musser, I am always called back at the end of each appointment. I recieve an update on each child plus Dr. Musser takes the time to actually show me any problem tooth. As a mom, it's important to keep informed. As for my 6 kids, they actually like to go the dentist!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for getting me in so quickly on September 20th. The whole staff is great and I recommend your office to anyone I know.
Thanks again,
Jim Neumeyer

Dear Dr. Musser & Staff,
Thank you again for a job well done & painlessly done! I did not even have soreness when the numbing meds. were placed. It's amazing to watch you create new crowns immediately with the software. I appreciate the friendly climate of your office and you call to check on me the day of "the 3 crowns"!
Sincerely, Sherri McCaul

Dear Jon,
Thanks for accomodating me during my return trip to Granville. Impressed with the CEREC restorations you provided several years ago, I wanted you to fix my latest issues the same way. (The latest restorations feel & look great) In fact, my wife will be scheduling with you soon, having heard my testimonial. All the best to you and your staff!
Jim Opeka

I am extremely impressed with the state of the art dental technology employed by our 20 years plus dentist, Jon Musser, DDS. In one short visit I had an on-the-spot custom made crown created and implanted.

The procedure was virtually painless and any discomfort was alleviated by Dr. Musser and his personable and professional assisting staff. Choosing Dr. Musser as our dentist was one of the best medical decisions we have ever made.
Richard G. Hughes

I would highly recommend CEREC restorations to anyone who is a candidate. The difference is absolutely amazing, and to have this type of procedure done in less than an hour is so convenient. Dr. Musser and Kelly did an outstanding job. They made sure I was comfortable and relaxed through the entire procedure. I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful dentist, and his staff is the best!
Renee L. French 2-21-2011

I would like to thank Dr. Musser and all his staff for the years of wonderful care we have received. Recently had a tooth repaired with the CEREC process and was pleasantly surprised at how easy and painless it was. An hour in the most comfortable dental chair, a mouth guard to easily keep the mouth and tongue where needed and poof! All done! Then a call from Dr. Musser himself to make sure all was okay. Thank you all for everything you do!
Steve Priest, Chris Priest and Adrienna Priest

Kudos to all the staff at Dr. Musser's office. My teeth look great; the restoration took about 45 minutes, was pain free and I had no pain afterwards. The staff treat me like family and are always knowledgeable and courteous.
Love you guys!
Lynda Ratliff

You do wonderful work, very professional. The technology is amazing! I've been with you 30+ years~our entire family thinks you're the best! Thank you.
Gini W.

Dear Dr. Musser & Staff,
Recently had some dental work done in your office. Everyone, as always was very polite and courteous and knowledgeable. Office is always very comfortable. That is why I have been coming to you for over 30 years. I don't know any other dentist who will call you personally in the evening after you had dental work done. This is very appreciative. Thank You!
Bob Breymaier

Can't tell you (although, I am) how pleased I am with my Cerec Restorations I've received. The procedure is remarkably easy and efficient and it's so great having a mouth that is whiter rather than silver.
Thanks for a wonderful job,
Chuck Zurhorst

I have been a patient of Dr. Musser for 20 years. When we moved here from Texas and needed a dentist, a friend recommended him to us. I have been very happy with Dr. Musser's work. He is always striving to make all dental work to perfection, not only in appearance but also functionality. One of the things that impresses me most about Dr. Musser is that it is not always about money. He is honest and willing to try lesser expensive alternatives.
Bonnie Westmoreland

Dear Dr. Musser & Staff
Everthing went great with my CEREC restoration. Very little gum tenderness (gone in a couple days) NO PAIN otherwise or cod sensitivity. My bite seems fine and it's really nice to have everything done in the same appointment.
Thanks for a job well done
Earlene Stedman

Dr. Musser & Staff~
A note of thanks for my recent dental repair in your office. I am amazed at the state-of-the-art process in the restoration performed. It was painless,quick,and precise. I had no problems, the crown fit perfectly, and looks great! I would highly encourage anyone to experience the high-tech procedure done at your office. A pleasant visit & a pleasant staff, as well.
Thanks again,
Chris Davis

Dear Dr. Musser and Staff,
I was referred to your office by my dentist after several failed attempts to fabricate a crown. First an appointment was scheduled for evaluation and consultation. The appointment for the crown followed. After an hour in the chair, I left the office with a perfectly fitting CEREC restoration. I was in the OSU room, maybe it was Brutus watching that helped. You and your staff are all highly trained and skilled professionals. I was treated respectfully and in comfortable surroundings. Thank you for your efforts and professional service.
Constance J. Minarczyk

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Musser for several years and I don't like going to the dentist, period! I will say this. If you can't feel comfortable in a dentist chair, you can in his chair. My husband and I both have Diabetes and Dr. Musser and Pam stay right on top of it. For this we are thankful! If anyone should be looking for a dentist, I recommend you stop looking and give Dr. Musser and his staff a visit. You will be happy you did. This is both mine and my husbands' opinion and testimony of our experience we have had at this office.
Bud & Julie Norris

On 11-16-11 Dr. Musser put in a CEREC restoration (crown). It is such an improvement over the old crown. In one office visit it was complete~ Dr. Musser and his staff, Kelly,Pam,and Sara are very professional and friendly.
Thank you for your service~ Cathy Otto

It's so nice to get rid of those old silver fillings! The new mouth retraction system is so nice; makes the procedures much more comfortable. It was the Isolite system :)

Finding Dr. Musser is the best thing that's happened to me since moving to Granville! He and his staff are very professional, yet warm and very efficient. I had a great cleaning and in the same week, had 3 teeth repaired using the CEREC restoration process. It was pain free and took less than 3 hours! If you need dental work, Dr. Musser and his staff will change your life!
Kelly O'Grady

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